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What's The Purpose of Social Media

What is your primary use for social media?

Are you building your personal brand? Are you selling a product? Are you keeping in touch with friends and family? Or is it just where you get your news?

And, honestly, do you craft a happier, more perfect image of you and your family than is the reality?

Finally which platforms do you enjoy the most, and which one do you avoid?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, Reddit, Pintrest, WhatsApp, Slack, and even MySpace is mentioned.

Also, in tech news, Disney makes a huge splash to challenge Netflix.

2:10 | It looks like Samsung is doing away with regular headphone jacks...like Apple did.

4:14 | Sony warns that Playstation prices will rise if Chinese tariffs continue.

29:46 | Disney's new streaming service to start in November featuring Disney, Hulu and ESPN.

38:54 | Microsoft contractors are listening to Skype calls and Cortana recordings.

39:40 | Amazon will let you opt out of Alexa recordings.

45:16 | Three new iPhones for 2020, will support 5G.

45:26 | Current availability map of 5G, including CSpire 5G in Gulfport.

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