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EVERYDAY TECH - Ransomeware Beware!

This week's guests are from Seventh Knight, the developer of AppMoat.

Travis Odom – VP, Customer Experience

Charlie Case – VP, Government Services

Discussed on this episode:

What is Ransomware?

  • encrypts (scrambles) personal files (documents, pictures, taxes, financial/customer records, etc)
  • Requires paying a “ransom” to (maybe) get your files back
  • Commonly initiated by malicious links in emails

Why should we be concerned?

  • even if not YOUR business, we all pay when people lose
  • Imagine losing family photos
  • Even backups can be, and often are, compromised
  • RECENT EXAMPLES: Including Yazoo County schools being held up for more than a quarter-million dollars!

What can we do about it?

  • Awareness and recognizing scams is crucial
  • Be suspicious
  • Personal users can use tools such as CryptoPrevent
  • Businesses can benefit from AppMoat, a 24/7 managed service to protect their systems
  • (AppMoat is a Ransomware/Zero-Day Managed Endpoint Protection tool for Windows workstations and servers)
  • https://www.seventhknight.com/appmoat/

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